The Hard Ponys


The Hard Ponys are a rock band from San Francisco. The music they make isn't freak-folk, noise-core or post……anything. It isn't art damaged.
The melodies aren't sunny, sun-soaked or sun-dappled. 
These guys have thought long and hard to come up with a name for what they do, and what they finally came up with is…Rock 'n' Roll.
The kids are gonna love it. Trust us.
The four first played together in the ‘90’s as members of
San Francisco's Flash Bastard. 
Over the years, they’ve popped up all over the place, playing in bands such as the Del Bombers, Mister Hyde, Horror Show, Stagger and Fall, RadiostarSF, Deja, Medicine Dog,the Beast of England, and MK4. 
The boys reunited to play shows in 2010, and ended up having so much fun they decided to form a whole new band. 

The Hard Ponys' debut CD is available now and combines favorites from the Bastard days with brand new material to embody the dirtiest, rawest style of straight ahead rock. Photos by Jeff Spirer and Jerry Martinez . 
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Vocals / Lance Eason
Guitar / Daniel Nolan
Bass / Rob Rohde
Drums / Jim Clenney